January 13, 2020 at 05:19PM

Recently (last year), I had let someone close to me join my account and we became a joint account (citizens bank). unknown to me, this person went behind my back & started messing around with scammers and my account ended up locked & I owe them around $300 because of that. I cannot open a new bank account because of chexsystems. When the balance is paid off, do you think I will be able to explain to the institution the circumstances ? I’ve never had bad banking history and it’s killing me that i’m in this predicament. Will I be allowed a second chance with this banking institution ? note : NEVER LET ANYBODY JOIN YOUR ACCOUNTS!! worst decision i’ve made in my life by far!!

submitted by /u/stuntmcnuggetttt
[link] [comments] via Savings, Checkings, CDs, oh my! http://bit.ly/2RgPvJv

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