January 16, 2020 at 03:08AM

I work for a bank and I’m a personal banker. I need advise on what would you do if you were in my situation. As a personal banker I help people at the desk and also help the teller whenever they need help. There was a recent change by the bank where the full time teller became a personal banker as well. ( bank is getting rid of tellers) It bothers me that he tells every customer that he has a desk and he keeps telling me all the sales he got for the day and how well he is doing. I’m happy for him and that he is having the opportunity to grow. On the other hand I feel bad for myself because I’m having to share sales and be more of a teller now that we don’t have a full time teller. I hate being rubbed on my face how well he is doing because it reminds me how bad I am feeling about the situation and the fact that I can no longer have full potential for my sales. I’m limited now and feel like instead of growing my career im stagnating or even worse stepping back. Anyways, I don’t know if I’m being selfish or someone here can relate, but I’ve been wanting to tell my coworker to stop bragging about his sales. I like having success in silent and I would never tell someone how well I’m doing if I’m not sure my coworker did too. I don’t think my coworker does this on purpose but how would you convey the message that you are happy about them but you don’t want to hear about their sales? I don’t know if I should just suck it up because I’ll sound selfish or even jealous if I say so. I don’t want it to come off wrong. So I guess my question is should I say it or not? and if yes, how do I phrase it so I don’t sound like an ass?

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