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Welcome to HUBFX, a Hubpy Services company.

Sue is a Finance Professional and has been working and living in the U.K. and Ireland(EU) for 16 years. The mission of the services is to enable our clients to manage their funds movement seamlessly using the most advanced technology in the world. Sue is graduated from the University of York and University of Oxford. She was qualified to advise clients with a CF30 function regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. She also holds an IMC (Investment Management Certificate) issued by the CFA UK and is RDR Compliant.


Multi-Currency accounts

GBP, EUR, USD, KES, NOK, DKK etc, creating in a few clicks. You can manage all your received currencies and paying currencies in one place.


For HNWIs and Corporates, FX requirements are often different case by case. We can speak to you online and offline via any means that suits your need.

Data Automation

We automatically feed your data to your database, any type of your choice. We also run data analytics using machine learning to help you understand your data better.

Resource Optimisation

We basically save you from using extra human resource or financial resource to manage your FX exposure. We are your out-sourced FX department.

About Us

16 Year of Experience in Finance.

Speaking the language of yours.

Eliminating your time wasted with Banks.

Data monitored and protected.

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Product Roadmap

The Exchange Portal

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Our expertise

We help Clients deal with:

Major Currencies

Minor Currencies

Exotic Currencies

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Seamlessly Receiving and Paying
FX Risk Management
Your named accounts
Collecting Pounds, Euros, Dollars
Collecting other Currencies

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