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We basically save you from using extra human resource or financial resource to manage your FX exposure. We are your out-sourced FX department.

What’s a spot market?

A spot market is a financial market open to the public where assets trade immediately. A buyer purchases an asset with fiat or another medium of exchange from a seller. Delivery of the asset is often immediate, but this depends on what’s being traded.

Spot markets are also known as cash markets because traders make payments upfront. Spot markets come in different forms, and third parties, known as exchanges, typically facilitate trading. You can also trade directly with others in over-the-counter (OTC) trades. We’ll dive into these later.

What’s a forward contract?

Essentially, forward and futures contracts are agreements that allow traders, investors, and commodity producers to speculate on the future price of an asset. These contracts function as a two-party commitment that enables the trading of an instrument on a future date (expiration date), at a price agreed upon at the moment the contract is created.

The underlying financial instrument of a forward or futures contract can be any asset, such as equity, a commodity, a currency, an interest payment or even a bond.


Although primitive forms of futures markets were created in Europe during the 17th century, the Dōjima Rice Exchange (Japan) is regarded as the first futures exchange to be established. In early 18th-century Japan, most payments were made in rice, so futures contracts started to be used as a way to hedge against the risks associated with unstable rice prices.

With the emergence of electronic trading systems, the popularity of forward contracts, along with a range of use-cases, became widespread across the entire financial industry.

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